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I took a few pictures of the highway sign in Seguin TX. Of the Juan N. Seguin highway signs which are about a quarter mile in off of I 10 this is the kind of projects that we as Tejanos need to be working on to get our Tejano Heroes recognized along with many other project like the verbal history project that our friends at Texas Tejano.com are working on. We have been looking for many descendants of the Battle of San Jacinto And the Alamo for their stories have yet to be told. As we know Their where many different cultures that fought at the battle of the Alamo and at San Jacinto. We should be as active as the groups that get Martin luther king's names on roadways and highways thru out the united states. We know that their where many Tejano ancestors who where instrumental in the making of our Great State of Tejas / Texas as we know it today . Too many Groups are out their pushing there own agenda's. SDHP mission is education not our own recognition as individuals for we are not the one's who have been forgotten in our Tejas/ Texas History. Tejanos who fought to see Tejas / Texas Free is what this is all about. Other group's are not really getting the message out to the people who have the knowledge that is being lost for our future generation need to know that we as Tejano's Mexicanos,Chicanos, latinos, have been in volved in the shaping of this Great State of Tejas/ Texas. Their is for one thing our native language that is being lost like the American indian who have lost their own language. Their is a whole generation of Tejano children that can't even speak Spanish which is very sad in todays world. SDHP would like to thank the City of Seguin for their continued efforts to keep Juan Seguin's Memory Alive. SDHP rather involved our not is all ways pleased to see others working on getting recognition for our ancestor and other Tejanos, may your efforts and ours one day gain the same results that others have been getting with relations to Martin Luther King Blvd's Avenues, Street's. And may we get Highway's Streets, Blvd's Avenues, for all our Tejano heroes. This will not be and easy task but one that needs to be done. As we are out driving with our children and Grandchildren one day and they ask how come so and so has a street named after them but not Tejano's, Hispanic Latino have street in Texas or in the U.S. named for them what do we say because Tejano's, Hispanic's Latino's rather fight each other over whom got this or that done than to get thing's done to improve one's culture or recognition of our forefathers who truly deserve to be honored. That's not what I would like to tell my Children or Grandchildren. I would like to be able to say well my child we are making an honest effort to see things get done with regards to street name's Postage Stamp's even national holiday's like many others get now. In downtown Houston thier are street's named Houston, Crocket, Lamar, Fannin, but not one street in downtown is named after any Tejano, mexicano, Latino , That's not right. We Tejano's need to change this !!!


These signs below are on another page of the highway dedications in 2001

These Pictures below are from The Dedication of the Juan N. Seguin Memorial Interchange, and the Juan N. Seguin BLVD. which is leading to San Jacinto Monument. The road leading to History on the San Jacinto Monument Grounds, which Contains The Spirit of our Tejas/ Texas History, and All our Tejano Ancestors who Fought For Freedom and Tejas / Texas Independence. This is what we as Tejano Descendants should be working on in every part of this great State of our's .


More Pictures coming soon.

Added 03/31/07

As I was walking and looking along the Medina river this last week I realized that I may be walking on grounds that my ancestor Col. Juan N. Seguin would have been thru in his many adventures as a young man. I felt that being raised in Bexar / Nuevo Espana was a hard life but one that we all should try and find out about from our elders who might of had a glance of it in the past. I remember when my Uncle Greg Garcia told me about how he went to the San Jacinto Monument and seen the Huge star that is on the top of the monument on the ground before it was added to it's present location and how it was huge looking to him at that time. how one's mind can remember some things and forget others how great it would be if we could talk to our elders and gain the knowledge that they hold in their memory. I for one would like to seek out others who would like to talk about their Family History.

4th greatgrand son of Col. Juan N. Seguin

Angel Seguin Carvajal Garcia

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