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Col. Juan N. Seguin


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Our historic organization not only helps to raise funds for charity and education, SDHP  further seeks to help those students in need of school supplies or uniforms. And to donate a Larger version of the Col. Juan N. Seguin Bust to the Alamo Museum and to the San Jacinto Museum. However grand our plans, we cannot do this without help from YOU who know that education is the key to success. Through vision, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice, and community service, we will work together for a brighter and bigger future for all Texans. Viva Tejas

SDHP a non-profit organization who operates in Harris and Galveston Counties its primary purpose, but not limited to, is the promotion of accurate historical information related to Juan N.Seguin a native-born (1806) Tejano/Texan of Spanish Texas. As other Tejanos also have been forgotten in Texas History, we seek to identify them and, as knowledge becomes available, then share that information with the general public.

SDHP will encourage the advancement of education and research through use of the Texas Archives and other genealogical sources. SDHP is registered with the Secretary of State Charter #800026217 11/6/2001 In addition to research, we seek to help educate our youth by presenting portraits of Col. Juan N.Seguin to school and public libraries across Texas

Our main interest, however, continues to be the promotion of education and its importance in seeking a higher knowledge of true Tejas/Texas history. Many avenues will provide access to this information: the Internet, information booths, museum exhibits, newsletters, news media, promotions both direct and indirect, such as mail-outs, hand-outs, email, and even snail mail.

Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation relies totally on private donations and Membership dues, different Fundraisers though out the year. All funds are used to 

help support Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation

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