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Special Thanks to Mrs Betty Vaugh for allowing us to use her image of the which we used to link to our Alamo information She is a very proud Texan

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Cinco De Mayo Parade 2002

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06/29/03 Dedication of Col. Juan N. Seguin Memorial Interchange and Juan N. Seguin Boulavard

2002 Cesar Chavez Parade

San Jacinto 2002

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Portrait Project

Manuel Becerra Historical Marker Dedication

2003 San Jacinto Reenactment

2003 Cesar Chavez Parade

Cesar Chavez Postage Stamp Dedication

2003 Cinco De Mayo Parade

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Welcome to JC Pinkerton's website, a resource site for historians, students, teachers, reading and writing fans

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Tejanos Since 1712

Houston, Galveston

Col. Juan N. Seguin


To the original and official Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation website

Maintained by Direct Descendants of Col. Juan N. Seguin

Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation is a General Membership Organization

The Original and Official Portrait promoters of Juan N. Seguin Since 1998








On Oct 29-30 06 SDHP celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Col. Juan N. Seguin's Birth by presenting Portraits of Col. Juan N. Seguin to two School's In Corpus Christi TX. & Three in Seabrook TX. On Oct 29-30 06 SDHP celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Col. Juan N. Seguin's Birth by presenting Portraits of Col. Juan N. Seguin to two School's In Corpus Christi TX. & Three in Seabrook TX


Added 03/31/07 SDHP Tejano Highway Project

Current Seguin Family Pictures

God & Texas Added 01/11/03

06/05/03 Texas History Month Added 12/16/02

SDHP Joins the efforts to help Ms. Pat Goodrich and the Texian Legacy Association and many, many others, State Representative Davis has authored and filed a bill for the 78th Legislative Session that will designate the month of March as Texas History Month the text of HB294 is on the link above. Your support will make this happen. Please visit the Texian Legacy Associations website.

Maps of Texas

Image linked to other maps


There are more than five thousand websites about Texas and most may be found by browsing the section on "Guides to wwwSites in Texas."


The war room

Traditionally the contribution of Tejanos during the revolution has been minimized. However, new studies show that their influence was wide-reaching and crucial to the outcome of the war.

Author Sally Roberts

The author is available for visits, speaking presentations and author signing on the topic of : Texas History


Added 02/16/07


Upcoming Events

would like to thank John Worrell of


See information on

on Tejano Heroes Page

Added 3/2/04

The celebration at Washington on the brazos was very informative and had several descendants from the original signers of the Texas declaration of independence in attendance. Thank God for Texas and it's people for preserving all our history.

added 11/04/03

SDHP is Planning to start a Penny drive for the Tejano Monument that is going to be built on the Capital Grounds. More details to come later.

SDHP attends TAHP meeting


2003 Memorial Picnic Another Big Success

view pictures on link below

2003 Second Annual Col. Juan N. Seguin Memorial Picnic

2002 First Annual Col. Juan N. Seguin Memorial Picnic a Big Success

Angel & Linda Seguin Carvajal Garcia Founders SDHP & 1st Priority Search & Recovery

SDHP Is Honored to Announce the addition to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Jose Trevino HISD superintendent for the Southeast District

SDHP takes great pride in letting everyone know that on June 20, 2003,

Governor Rick Perry signed into law HB294 making the month of march ,

"Texas History Month"!!Congratulations Tejas/Texas

SDHP recognizes that it took team work to accomplish this goal and would like to ackknowledge the hundreds of people and organization who worked tireslessly to get this bill passed and they deserve a huge

"Thank You" for their efforts.

For more information visit our friends at

Texian Legacy Association

Santa Anna in Brazoria County

Source: Brazoria County Historical Museum Collection.

The Mexican Army

Source:Alamo De Parras

The Galvez Project Added 5/14/03

This is a very interesting website should be of use to school age children

01/05/06 SDHP Supporters List

Help Support House Resolution: 12

Asking the Stamp Advisory Committee to

Issue a Postage Stamp in honor of Col. Juan N. Seguin

Follow this link: SDHP Col. Juan N. Seguin Postage Stamp Project

But I say to you, Love your enmies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefuly use you and perseucute you. (Mattew 5:44 KJV)

"Let it be Public Knowledge"

That all information that is requested from SDHP is offered for Free.

Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation relies totally on Private donations and Membership Dues.

SDHP has been a victim of some very untrue comments. This has became necessary due to their continued harassment and misleading comments about us personally and about the organization. Anyone who knows about the comments and would like to come forward to stop the other group from discrediting us. Please contact us at [email protected] We know who this group is and they are spreading lies for their own agenda. We worked with the Tejano Association to aquire the Juan N. Seguin Memorial Interchange at loop 610 and Hwy 225 and also the Juan N. Seguin Blvd. We Started the US Postage Stamp Project in 1998 and to this very day we continue to seek this Honor for our ancestor Col. Juan N. Seguin. Our Organization beliefs that we all should work together to promote our Tejano/Texas History and our forfathers accomplishments.

SDHP desires to help other non-profits and their causes, to build recognition of our long and distinguished heritage and to inform the general public about our diverse culture of Tejanos, Latinos, and Hispanics,

The List of Schools named in Honor of Col. Juan N. Seguin can view them on our Archives page

Educational and Interesting websites. All information for educational use only

Resolution Annexing Texas to the United States (1 March 1845)

Anson Jones

Source: Lone Star Junction

The Capital of Texas

Source: Lonestar Junction

Event in the west 1650-1800

Event in the west 1830-1840

This information is on the PBS website

Alphabetical list of the Veterans of San Jacinto

Source: Sons of dewitt Colony Texas

New Spain: Frontier of Faith

TXGenweb Project

South Texas History and Genealogy Links

Talented Artist Julie Zarate

The website above contains books and information for educational use only

No Child Left behind website

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Brazoria County Historical Museum

Col. Juan N. Seguin a man with no country

Source: Juan Nepomuceno Seguin, Personal Memoirs of John N.Seguin(San Antonio, TX Ledgerbook and job office. 1858)18-27,29-32

Forgotten Tejano Hero

Source: Forgotten Hero Mr. Jack Ayoud 2000

History Matters The U.S Survey on the web

About Famous

Cinco De Mayo Bilingual

View the History of the Yellow Rose

History 1869


Lord, please give the Ayala Family strength and bring their child home safe.We ask you also to bring all the missing children that are still not found home safely and to protect them from harm or danger. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

A Prayer for Peace

Lord, Please protect all the men and women who are fighting for our freedom and our country. May the souls of the world trade Center rest in peace.For they paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Amen

September 11, 2001

We salute all the heroes of the World Trade Center may their memory not be forgotten. United we Stand

Scholorship Fund

SDHP is actively Seeking fund for the Senator Juan N. Seguin Scholarship fund anyone interested in helping can contact us at [email protected]

SDHP will have Several Fund raisers thoughout the year. Funds are for charitable and educational purposes,The funds will help SDHP provide a research scholarship in the future to area students studying Tejano Texas History and preservation of historical artifacts. Support this cause for students of Tejano/Texas History.


There are thousands of Organizations, each with a specific goal. Why should you consider joining ours? If you connect with us, you will be connecting with a part of our Tejano and Texian heritage.

The Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation SDHP desires to educate our youth and bring dignity and purpose to all people. As we build an effective website, this message goes out to a larger audience of people with similar issues.

SDHP is a non profit organization which operates in Harris and Galeveston County. Its primary purpose, but not limited to: is the promotion of accurate historical information related to our ancestor and other Tejanos who where all native born Tejanos/Texians of spanish Tejas/Texas. As other Tejanos also have been forgotten in Tejas/Texas History, we seek to identify them and, as knowledge becomes available, then share that information with the general public.

SDHP will encourage the advancement of education and research through the use of the Texas Archives and other Genealogical sources. SDHP is registered with the Secretary of State Charter # 800026217 issued on 11/06/01 In addition to research, we seek to help educate our youth by presenting portraits of Col. Juan N. Seguin to School and public Libraries across Texas.

Whatever method we use, our persistent faith in our mission and calling will get this job done. With belief in ourselves, our project, and the love we have for our ancestor, we want to continue this promotion of Col. Juan N. Seguin for Future Generations of Tejanos/ Texians. We stand on our claim to be the original promoters of Col. Juan N Seguin Portrait that we donate to schools and libraries. Further, Angel Seguin Garcia, Founder of the Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation, the fourth great-grand son of the colonel, a fact that can be documented through genealogy.

Our historic organization not only helps to raise funds for charity and education, but also provides scholarships. In the future, SDHP will be helping fund students who are studying Tejano/Texian History and its preservation. By May of 2005, we plan to offer a research scholorship. We further seek to help those students in need of school supplies or uniforms. Your support of SDHP keeps all information that is requested free. However grand our plans we cannot do this without help from You who know that education is the key to Success. Through vision, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice,and community service, we will work together for a brighter and bigger future for all Tejano/Texian Children of Texas. Viva Tejas

Our Goal is to show the children that with the proper tools and proper attitude, there is nothing they can't acheive. Through education. dedication, community service and dignity, each of us can contribute to a better life for all.

SDHP feels that the name of Col. Juan N. Seguin should be known as well as other Texas heroes like Gen. Sam Houston, William Travis, Stephen F. Austin, and James Bowie. Col. Seguin was the only Tejano to have fought both at the Alamo and at the Battle of San Jacinto. He was ready to put his life on the line for freedom and victory over a tyrant. He fought for all Tejanos/Texians and we can thank him today for our ability to enjoy the freedom he fought for. Too often in our Texas history some names have been remembered while others who fought as valiantly as those, have been ignored or forgotten. Hopefully this site will be a teaching aid and a learning tool for everyone to understand how the Tejanos played a big part in Texas History.

" Motto "

" Through Education we all have the power to make a new tomorrow "

1998-2003, Linda Seguin Garcia

All information and graphics for educational use only

Education is the reason we have decided to develop this website. It will help promote recognition of Tejanos and their contribution to Tejas/Texas History. SDHP would like to thank everyone who provided us with information. The graphics have been acquired freely for our website.They are in the public domain on the internet, Any similarity to any others content is strictly coincidental. There are those who would think they have all the rights to promote a TRUE TEXAS HERO like our ancestor Col. Juan N. Seguin, they should remember that it has been over 75 years since the Col. Seguin's death, and that means anyone can promote his name. As descendants, we all should seek to promote Col. Juan N. Seguin because of his accomplishments, diligance, and especially his bravery in the many battles in which the colonel fought. We are very honored with all the support that we have been given by so many. Sorry, if I haven't linked your graphics site to our site I will be adding these links later. Again Thanks to all

Monumento De Los Tejanos

On March 9, 2002 SDHP attended the inaguration of the regional fund raiser group. The 77th Legislature authorized the creation of a monument to commemorate the contributions of Tejanos to the Republic of Texas. The privately funded, life-size monument will be located on the State Capital grounds.

Fund Raising committee chairman Dr. Andres Tijerina, introduced the new group at 10:00 a.m Saturday, March 2, at the museo Guadalupe Aztlan, 3004 Bagby in Houston. "We have a great task at hand but I am confident this newly named regional committee will work hard to help raise the funds needed to get this monument built," Tijerina said. Joel Lara was recognized as the Regional Coordinator for the Houston Regional Fund Drive Committee. Several local businesses and numerous organizations attended. I was very impressed with the way that Dr. Tijerina expressed his passion for our Tejanos and their achievements. I believe that we all should support this very unique monument to all our Forfathers who helped settle this Great State. It is our turn to help now. Please do help with whatever you can. This is truly an Historic event. For details Contact Joel Lara at (713) 527-9010.

Send a tax-deductable gift to the Tejano Monument Inc, P.O. Box 2948 Mc Allen Texas, 78502-2948 This is a worthy project, dedicating a Tejano Monument at the Capital in Austin TX, which will be a lasting tribute to the explorers, pioneers, Ranchers and missionaries that settled Texas.

These are my thoughts if I were Col. Juan N. Seguin and this is what I think he would say to his Family

My Beloved great- grandchildren, great-nieces and nephews, this is your ancestor Col. Juan N. Seguin. Join together to educate Texas and all people of the world about your ancestorsand about what we did. I know what I did and it had to be done to make this a better and buitiful place to live and learn. So my family as you go, remember each of you have different talents, different dreams, and different destinations, yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow. Be proud stand tall. God Bless

1998.2003, Linda Seguin Garcia All rights reserved




The Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation

would like to thank

Honarable State Rep Rick Noriega,

Honorable State Rep Joe Moreno,

Honorable State Rep John E. Davis,

Honorable Senator Mario Gallegos,

The Tejano Association for Historical Preservation,

Honorable Mayor Lee Brown.

for their support and effort in recognizing and honoring Col. Juan N. Seguin with the dedication of Park Road 1836 as the Juan N. Seguin Boulavard at the San Jacinto Monument and the loop 610 interchange at Hwy 225 as the Juan N Seguin Memorial Interchange, State Representative Rick Noriega introduced HB 3460 to dedicate Hwy 225 as the Juan N. Seguin Memorial Highway. Senator Mario Gallegos introduced SB 1831 stating that Hwy 225 from loop 610 to 146 in La Porte be designed the Texas Independence Highway___ previously identified as Juan N. Seguin Memorial Hwy. Governor Rick Perry signed this bill on June 13, 2001. SDHP posted the signed bill on the Highway project link (on the left). Without the efforts of all those mentioned, this feat would have been just a dream. Viva Tejas. 2001-2003

Early Texas Historical Flags

Spain: 1519 - 1685 and 1690 - 1821

France: 1685 - 1690

Mexico: 1836 - 1845 (Dec. 29. 1845)

United States: 1846-1861

and 1856 - present confederacy: 1861 - 1865

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